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This page provides detailed information on the features of the ShieldUI jQuery HTML5 dropdown plugin, as well as links to fully functional examples of some of them.
The component is part of a Suite of over 40 widget types, aimed at significantly reducing development time.
For a complete list of features and components, visit the following DEMO section.

First Look

The ShieldUI Dropdown jQuery plugin is easy to use and integrate into any page or existing application.
Thanks to its flexible architecture and customizable appearance, it can fit in any style or template. In addition to this, it is greatly enhanced for scenarios, which require local or remote binding.

Local Databinding

The Dropdown widget can be easily bound to both local and remote data. This is achieved through its tight integration with the ShieldUI DataSource component. This means that once you setup the local data object, you can pass it to the dropdown component with a single property, without having to add any custom code or extra coding.

Remote Databinding

The Dropdown widget supports binding to remote data sources as well. This greatly reduces development time, since populating a dropdown with data is oftentimes the most time consuming task. Again, thenks to the DataSource integration, this can be implemented with just a few lines of code.


The Dropdown control supports declarative templates, which support easy declarations of custom layout options.
This is an easy way to change or enhance the way the dropdown looks. This can mean simple text formatting, or more advanced options, such as nesting additional images along with the text.


Applications usually require a multitude of components tightly integrated together. The ShieldUI Dropdown widget is part of a rich Suite with over 40+ UI types, which have similar architectute and API. Thus, coupling the API of two components, or nesting the calendar in a grid is achieved easily. The sample linked below shows just that.

Additional Features

The control supports far more features that the ones listed here. Some of these are:
Themes Custom events Formatting Custom Styling Rich API Integration Data Binding
For a complete list of features and components, visit the following DEMO section.